The MIX FIGHT GALA! – a superlative fight show

Grandiose fights and rock-hard bodies deliver a truly impressive spectacle

The MIX FIGHT GALA is the no. 1 event in Germany and one of the top 10 fight events worldwide.

The selected, world-class fights, with K1-Champions as trainers, combine with top organisation to ensure that the event is gaining increasing numbers of fans in both Germany and abroad. In Germany the MIX FIGHT GALA team has staged 17 events.

The gala is a mixture of MMA, kick boxing, Thai boxing and boxing. In addition, a four-man tournament will be held. Above all, the MIX FIGHT GALA team wants numerous enthusiastic martial arts enthusiasts from around the region to get to know this sport and participate in it.

The entire event will be screened by Eurosport, the pay TV broadcaster Fight Box HD and the Turkish broadcaster Fox TV. A worldwide TV audience of nearly 80 million bears witness to the popularity of the MIX FIGHT GALA.

You, too, can be part of the MIX FIGHT GALA!